An online stock trading platform democratizing investments in Southeast Asia

Why We Believe

With impressive GDP growth and a rapidly expanding middle class, Southeast Asia is fertile ground for a new generation of fintech investors. Yet in Indonesia, investing has long been considered an activity for the rich and privileged, with stock market access limited to all but high net worth individuals. Ajaib is on a mission to change that with a foundational, forward-thinking financial platform that’s bridging the stock penetration rate between Indonesia and the rest of the world.

Founders Yada Piyajomkwan and Anderson Sumarli are forging a path to financial flexibility for emerging economies by providing stock market access and education to first-time investors, a group that has traditionally been neglected. Stock trading is just the first of many services Ajaib can provide to this fast-growing demographic, with its mobile-native, technology-first platform offering huge expansion potential for supporting online banking services, FX, crypto trading and more. With greater financial freedom across Southeast Asia in their sights, the Ajaib team is just getting started.

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