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Pickleball (It’s a way of life!)

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Reading bedtime stories with my kids


Executive recruitment

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Homemade Waffles (Pro Tip: For fluffier results, separate the eggs, beat the egg whites, then fold them back in.)

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Youth Soccer Coach & School Library Volunteer

I was surprised to find myself back in venture after graduate school. I love working closely with entrepreneurs, so I had fully expected to join a startup where I could play a critical role in helping a company grow from the start. But IVP presented the opportunity to do that at scale across multiple companies, and I realized that’s what I was searching for: the chance to help founders with incredible ideas make an impact in the world. I joined IVP in 2008 and never looked back.

Technology changes so rapidly that today’s enterprise and software products differ vastly from those that emerged just a few years ago. The companies that really take hold are those with a clear mission and an understanding of why their product needs to exist—the problem it will solve and the people it will help.

It never gets old to work with entrepreneurs from the ground up. Whenever I meet a founder for the first time, I enter the meeting with genuine excitement: this next company could be the one—the one to improve people’s lives, to build a new category, to fundamentally change the world. It’s an honor to listen to their ideas and work with them to fulfill their dreams.

“With Jules, I knew where IVP stood at all times. He expressed interest in the company. The interest seemed to grow the more I shared. All questions and concerns were clearly communicated. There was no BS.”

Michael Lazerow, CEO of Buddy Media

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