Giving consumers clarity around key financial decisions at every stage of their lives

Why We Believe

Founded in 2009 during the Great Recession with just $800 in capital, NerdWallet is now one of the largest and most important digital resources for both personal and small business financial information and education. From the get-go, the NerdWallet team’s strategy has been to focus on building long-term trust instead of capitalizing on short-term revenue opportunities. This kind of philosophy might be considered a “risk”—but it’s also why we decided to invest in NerdWallet. Their dedication to their audience and the quality of their fintech product has ensured that they’re the most reliable source for info on everything from credit cards, personal loans, student loans, insurance and mortgages to banking, small business loans, investing, travel finances and more. The NerdWallet mission is to empower as many people as possible with financial knowledge—and there’s nothing short-term about that.

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