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Todd Chaffee

Advisory Partner

Looking to guide the next generation of entrepreneurs as they improve the world

About Todd

In Silicon Valley, there are many people with great ideas, but very few who can execute on those ideas and build multi-billion-dollar companies. In my 25+ years of venture investing, I’ve gained enormous respect for entrepreneurs that can channel their dreams and passion into a viable business, then hire and lead a team to build an enduring business that brings value to humanity.

Having led investments in more than 30 companies, including Coinbase, HomeAway, Kayak, Nuance, Twitter, VeriSign and Yahoo, I’ve seen founders and CEOs overcome massive dislocations and challenges in their businesses. In every case, it was the entrepreneur’s intelligence, tenacity and grace under fire that carried the day.

I’m proud of the firm that we’ve built at IVP. I’ve always reminded our investment team that the entrepreneurs are the stars of the show and we are merely the support crew. As venture capitalists, our job is to provide brilliant, passionate entrepreneurs with the capital and guidance to help them weather any storm and manifest the greatest vision for their company, their employees and their customers. Quite simply, it’s a great honor to support talented young entrepreneurs as they strive to make the world a better place. Couldn’t ask for a better gig.

Active Obsessions

Mountain biking and sailing the seven seas

Words I Live By

“Be foolishly in love, for love is all there is.”

Little-Known Fact

I founded two charitable organizations: NobleLight Foundation and True Hero Foundation.

Feel-Good Jam

“I Remember” by Deadmau5 and Kaskade


The Midas List, Forbes (2009–2018)
The Top 100 VCs, The New York Times (2016–2019)

“Todd is an amazing investor and board member. After he backed my first company Omniture (ADBE), he was my first choice as a venture investor for my second company Domo (DOMO). He’s wise, diligent and he has a good heart. Todd is definitely one of the smartest investors I’ve ever encountered in my career.”

Josh James, Founder and CEO of Domo