We know that the process of finding and securing the right investor can be long and arduous, but there’s no need for it to be a mystery. To clarify your pursuit, we’ve answered some of the most common questions posed by founders when looking for a venture partner.

Investment Selection

We’re on the lookout for companies with growth trajectories geared for greatness, wherever they may be based. Most of our investments are in North America or Europe, where we’ve been backing breakout companies since 2005, and we also work with a number of companies in Israel.

While we meet with hundreds of companies a year, we choose approximately 15 new companies to invest annually. Our selectivity is driven by our desire to give portfolio companies our full, focused attention.

We look for companies with a clear vision, established product-market fit and the beginnings of a strong go-to-market motion that, with an influx of capital and expertise, are poised to develop into dominant players.

Every company is unique, so no two pitch decks are alike. Things we like to see include:

  • A strong “why now” argument for your product or service
  • Quantitative and qualitative demonstrations of product-market fit and customer love
  • A roster of compelling, passionate team members
  • Proof of a large or rapidly growing addressable market

We’re always eager to connect with visionary founders, so don’t wait until you’re raising funds to reach out. Whether you’re looking for help scaling products or feedback on your trajectory, you can get started by emailing the investor(s) experienced in partnering with businesses like yours.

Rather than invest in companies at a particular stage or round of funding, our involvement begins when a company can demonstrate product-market fit, organic growth and customer love. At that moment, the right fuel can force-multiply a company’s progress.

Working Together

IVP is committed to being a long-term dedicated partner, always willing and demonstrably able to do whatever it takes to help you succeed. That means providing your company with the right resources, expertise and connections to achieve enduring success.

Beyond go-to-market and talent, our team of investors and operators work to bolster critical overlooked functions like finance and HR. Over the years, our trademark hands-on, low-ego approach has helped countless CEOs navigate growth cycles and storms, building the experience and insight to accelerate your growth.

We dig in wherever a need exists. This includes functions like strategic finance, hiring and recruiting, board management and communications, fundraising, product management and growth, go-to-market strategy and plenty more. Much of our expertise resides in house, and when the need arises, we activate our network of operators on your behalf.

IVP partners with companies from breakthrough to enduring market leadership. Some define that as an IPO while others think of acquisition. We work hard with you and for you to help you define and reach your vision of success.

Engagement starts with a real connection between you and a dedicated IVP partner: a fully committed collaborator with the intellect, experience and industry connections to help your company realize its full potential. But your relationship with us isn't limited to a single investor. Every investment is supported by the IVP platform, including our complete team of investors and experienced operators.

Our Experience

Initial investments tend to range from $15M to $75M. This excludes follow-ons.

Across industries, our focus is guiding emerging startups and companies on their paths to enduring market leadership. Most of our investments are in application SaaS, enterprise infrastructure, AI, fintech, digital health, gaming and consumer internet.

IVP helps breakout companies grow into enduring market leaders. With a 40-year record of driving growth and 130+ IPOs, we’ve partnered with over 400 companies including Amplitude, Brex, Coinbase, Crowdtrike, Datadog, Discord, Klarna, Slack, Snap and Twitter. As trusted allies, IVP helps founders and CEOs meet the challenge of leading a rapidly growing company. Our proven system bolsters functions including those that are sometimes overlooked, and our partners serve as trusted allies to companies seeking to realize their full potential.

For our full track record, take a look at our portfolio.

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