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Why We Believe

Consumers are overloaded with reviews. Want to know what your fellow humans think of a hotel, restaurant, app, service, or particular brand of laundry detergent? Thousands of opinions are just a click away on Google, Yelp, Amazon and more. On the flip side, it’s nearly impossible to find honest, helpful information about products for your business. The purchasing process is mind-numbing, rife with sleazy salespeople, opaque pricing data and the inability to easily compare alternative solutions. The answer is G2.

With over 2 million peer reviews, G2 brings authenticity and transparency to B2B technology purchasing, giving buyers the confidence they need to select the best solutions for their unique needs. In addition to empowering businesses, G2 is also helping the IT market as a whole become more efficient by preventing purchases of “shelfware,” software that goes unused because it doesn’t actually address the issue at hand. We’re thrilled to invest in and work with G2 to break down barriers and provide companies with the tools they need to cut through the noise.

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