Activities & Interests

Fly-fishing, live music, travel

Best Class

The History of China with Jonathan Spence

Weekend SME


Little-Known Fact

I once helped a law professor write a book.

Formative Role

Business Dev at Netscape

Venture capital is all about applying resources toward technological innovation in a creative, yet pragmatic fashion. While my interest in investing dates back to my college years managing the Yale Student Investment Group, the promise of technology is what led me to venture.

Think about it: software is infinitely scalable when architected well. It’s written once, then patched, supported and sold globally. That means that the winners in this arena become the most valuable companies in the world, and with that value they have the capacity and the reach to be a positive contributor to society at large.

After 25 years and several cycles, I continue to be energized by working with entrepreneurs breaking new ground, and I’m excited to be able to share what I have learned to further their success. Most often, I help CEOs and management teams identify the areas in which improvement will drive the biggest impact—the specific functions that will truly bolster their business.

“I’m sincerely grateful to Steve for guiding Personal Capital through its growth challenges and successes. With level-headed guidance, he quite literally saved us from a load of hurt on multiple occasions.”

Bill Harris, Founding CEO of Personal Capital