API security for cloud-native apps

Why We Believe

Application programming interfaces (APIs) enable communication between software, forming an invisible backbone that connects millions of applications online. While critical to millions of businesses, APIs are also especially vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. Unfortunately, few cybersecurity solutions are sophisticated enough to protect companies from this type of attack, and most companies are unaware when their security has been compromised.

Thankfully, there’s Traceable, the surefire defense against API hacks. The next-gen SaaS platform tracks all APIs and their data for an entire organization, quickly recognizing when an API’s security has been breached. Unlike competitors, Traceable analyzes user behavior and business logic in real-time to ensure that sensitive information remains uncompromised. While the battle to ensure cybersecurity is a relentless one, we believe the Traceable team is in the ideal position to adapt and pioneer new solutions to safeguard enterprise data.

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