Active Obsession


Everyday Practice

Cold shower

Bucket List

Learn to dance well (I have two left feet!)

First Gig

Bookkeeping at my grandpa’s brick factory in India

It took me eight years to find my way to venture. I had worked in software engineering, product management and even started my own company with venture funding before I realized that venture investing was what made me tick. I love switching between big-picture strategy and hyper-focused analysis, between thinking through the latest consumer app trends one day and how to modernize payments in emerging geographies the next.

At the end of the day, venture is all about understanding what people want. I tend to look for companies with strong founders and strong customer love. Anyone can optimize for short-term signals of success, but the best CEOs know when to go against the grain to bring their ideas into existence. There's something so fulfilling about being able to understand the human experience and partnering with the companies that help shape it.