The data-driven, enterprise SaaS management platform for the modern CIO

Why We Believe

CIOs managing SaaS applications are faced with a never-ending slew of questions related to the efficient usage of software. How many apps are we paying for and how much are we spending on each one? Are we using all of our Salesforce licenses? Why are we paying for three different file storage vendors? When your company is using over a hundred different SaaS applications, that’s a lot of data to keep track of, let alone manage effectively.

But Productiv surfaces these insights instantly. By analyzing a huge volume of data—login, contract, org chart, expense, usage and more—Productiv helps customers visualize, rationalize and maximize SaaS application spend and usage. Productiv will tell you which applications are collecting dust on the shelf and can be safely done away with, and can even automatically upgrade or downgrade individual employees’ licenses according to their usage needs. The platform is providing a critical service to CIOs, who see immediate value from procurement and security to IT automation and employee enablement.

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