Activities & Interests

Running, cycling, alpine skiing, outdoor adventure

Feel-Good Anthem

“Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga

Proudest Moment

Being the first American finisher at the 2007 World Cross Country Championship in Kenya

Words I Live By

“Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that, but simply growth. We are happy when we are growing.”
—William Butler Yeats

As a partner to CEOs, I draw most on my time as a professional athlete and my experience in enterprise sales at Oracle and Cloudera. I started my career as a runner for Nike, competing on a global level for two years. As any athlete knows, professional or otherwise, every ounce of energy invested in preparation increases your competitive edge. If you’re targeted in training and tenacious enough to persevere, it translates on race day. In sport and in company-building, there’s no substitute for putting in the time and effort—no shortcut to success.

In my role in venture, I think of being a partner to founders and execs in the same way that I think about being on a sports team: we all have one another’s best interests in mind, and we’re united through a shared understanding and a common goal. Both inside the walls of the firm and beyond them.

I strive to go the extra mile for the companies I work with, leveraging my knowledge of enterprise sales to contribute in meaningful ways, whether by surfacing candidates for key roles, providing benchmarking and contextual data, making introductions or asking the right question at the right time.

From technology that enables cloud and data infrastructure to stacks emerging for AI or information security, I work with companies developing underlying infrastructures for autonomous and business applications and for consumer experiences. That means I get to live in the future every day, hearing founders talk about the reality they aspire to create and the gaping holes they see and seek to fill. Working together toward their vision and seeing it come to fruition is the sweetest victory of all.

“Cack’s tenacity and determination to create meaningful investments and relationships really stands out to us and makes her an invaluable part of the Cribl team.”

Clint Sharp, CEO of Cribl

“Cack is a genuinely helpful investor whose experience and knowledge in enterprise software and enterprise sales have been instrumental to our growth.”

Jim Rose, CEO of CircleCI