We have entered a new era of discovering information online. When we input a question or a phrase into a search bar, we have been conditioned to expect ten blue links: links to other web pages where we can then navigate to find the answer. Now that our eyes have been opened to an alternative – answers written in prose, accurately and comprehensively – 2024 will be the year that we never look back.

With the help of AI and powerful language models, we can move from a browsing experience focused on navigation and sponsored content toward a future in which questions are answered directly.

Leading the charge is Perplexity, an artificial intelligence-powered answer engine. Perplexity helps users discover information online by summarizing complex sources into concise, digestible answers - bolstered by supportive citations and custom follow-up questions to help clarify the results. The team at Perplexity has chosen to emphasize accuracy over manipulated results, personalized responses over a jumble of hyperlinks and reliable content over sponsored ads. Perplexity provides a better, more intuitive way to search the web.

This is why IVP is leading Perplexity’s Series B funding round of $73.6M, demonstrating our deep belief in and commitment to Aravind, Denis, Johnny, Andy and the entire team. Perplexity is a collection of individuals on a relentless quest to build the most knowledge-centric company in the world, led by CEO Aravind, who has the rare ability to undertake a long-term vision and relentlessly ship product with zeal.

Since its launch on December 7, 2022, Perplexity has gained significant consumer traction serving half a billion queries in 2023 alone. The company is dedicated to making its highly intuitive product even better; in the past year, Perplexity launched Copilot, released iOS and Android native experiences and shipped features expanding to image search in addition to text search.

We believe that Perplexity is the knowledge assistant everyone deserves. In a world in which we all want (accurate) answers instantly, 10 million monthly active users trust Perplexity to navigate the morass of available information online for them. We can’t wait for the rest of the world to find out.