In every company, locating information is a time-wasting digital scavenger hunt across disparate applications and corporate systems — whether an elusive email, old contract, unfinished slide deck, critical how-to guide, obscure Slack thread, winning proposal, in-depth media interview or specific code snippet.

It’s an absurdly antiquated process. If you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with the frustration and lost productivity from spending valuable time looking for those proverbial needles hidden in not just one but many disconnected haystacks.

But what if you could locate and share any piece of information in your organization as easily as you could find an obscure song lyric? That is the ingenuity we see in Glean, the first AI platform for secure enterprise search and knowledge discovery.

IVP is proudly investing in Glean because we view the company as the AI-powered work assistant that will revolutionize business productivity.

Glean synthesizes all of an enterprise’s content and allows employees to immediately find crisp answers crafted for each individual. With the highest degree of security, Glean is able to parse data residing in any of more than 100 discrete applications and provide traceable answers with a level of accuracy, grounded in enterprise-specific knowledge, that other products simply can’t match.

Say you’re an engineer trying to debug a specific runtime error. Before Glean, you had to desperately search through separate applications — Confluence, JIRA, Google Docs, Slack, email, and all the possible sources. With Glean, you save all those hours of lost time and productivity, finding the specific information you need within seconds.

In the not-distant future, our children will find it unimaginable that we routinely spent work time scouring a dozen applications, each requiring different keywords or search terms, to find one important document, line of code, recording or image…and then spent yet more time perusing those scavenged files to get the answer we needed.

A visionary founder with perfectly tuned experience

Our conviction in Glean is a reflection of our belief in its CEO, Arvind Jain, a proven technology visionary. Arvind’s achievements have grown only more impressive over the years we’ve known him, first while organizing the world’s information as a distinguished engineer at Google and, later, as a co-founder of data-security company Rubrik, which IVP partnered with in 2017.

In no small part due to Arvind’s deep understanding of data security from Rubrik, Glean gives CIOs confidence that their enterprise knowledge is secure, private and immediately accessible to the right people, with the right permissions.

As Arvind and his team democratize access to the vast trove of valuable insights hidden in enterprise data, they are transforming how we all do business and creating a new paradigm for organizational productivity.

With Glean, enterprise AI is here and the future is bright.