Active Obsession

Walking the hills of San Francisco

Words I Live By

My father always said, “There are no right decisions, you make a decision right.”

Feel-Good Jam

“Happy” by Pharrell Williams

Proudest Venture

Raising two kids who still want to hang out with me

I’ve had the privilege of working at amazing companies during their growth phases, from Amazon to Google to Slack. Having been in the trenches at these companies—building products people love and scaling organizations to meet crazy demand—I learned lessons about what to do and what not to do. At IVP, I get the privilege of sharing these learnings with entrepreneurs building the next generation of companies that will improve people’s daily lives.

The opportunity to partner with great companies, all with bold visions, is what drew me to venture. I focus on helping each company wherever I can, always acting with empathy for the incredibly difficult task that startup founders face. As new technologies continue to develop, the opportunity for startups is greater than ever before, and I’m excited to work alongside entrepreneurs to realize their visions.