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Why We Believe

Groundbreaking edtech platform MasterClass turns the world’s leaders into your personal tutor. Learn how to serve aces from Serena Williams, the only tennis player to ever win a Career Golden Slam. Or maybe you’d prefer to perfect a monologue with help from Dame Helen Mirren? If cooking is your thing, Gordon Ramsay has you covered—and you may even get a free lesson on spicy language thrown in.

MasterClass has leveraged the advent of online learning to share the expertise of these icons with the world in a rich experiential format that can live indefinitely. And though the content alone is world-class, MasterClass offers even more in the form of a stellar online community. Students, enthusiasts and experts share learning and insights with one another, furthering not only their own experience, but also that of the instructors, many of whom have cited the opportunity as their most rewarding professional experience. We are proud to play a role in making the knowledge of the masters accessible to everyone, forever.

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