A leading provider of innovative mental health benefits for employers

Why We Believe

Whether we deal with stress, live with a condition like depression, or know someone who does, mental health affects us all. In the U.S., approximately 50 million people suffer from a diagnosable mental health condition, yet only one in seven receive effective treatment. Wellness solutions are hard to find and time-intensive with long waitlists to start. And untreated symptoms tend to intensify, making things worse for individuals, their loved ones and their companies.
Enter Lyra.

Lyra works with employers to provide immediate access to outstanding and affordable mental health care. About 83% of Lyra members see significant improvement or complete recovery, versus 18% in traditional Employee Assistance Programs. As a result, the startup has seen industry-leading engagement rates, with 7x more employees receiving effective care versus the status quo. Lyra is building something truly special with an offering that hits the mark when it comes to connecting individuals with frictionless mental health care that works.

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