Design is everywhere. It influences how we think, defines culture and shapes how we interact with and perceive the world around us. The best businesses in the world are built on elegant design, and “design-first” companies stand out in the modern marketplace. However, anyone who has built a product or business realizes that becoming “design-first” is easier said than done.

Somewhere along the way, graphic designers got left behind. The creative people, whose business is to create logos, assets and images (the foundations of great design), are stuck using complex, desktop-based tools like Adobe Illustrator. It makes no sense to us that graphic design businesses should be limited to using software from the 1980s, especially as we enter a new age of generative AI design. The founders of Kittl, Nicolas Heymann and Tobias Saul, agreed.

Kittl enables anyone to create sophisticated designs, with pixel-perfect accuracy, regardless of background or experience level. Since launching in mid-2022, Kittl has amassed well over 1 million users and has among the highest engagement from customers that we have seen in the category. Most importantly, Kittl is embracing the fast-moving developments in AI, crafting their product to make graphic designers even more successful.

Today, we are announcing that IVP has led Kittl’s $36 million Series B, to help the company on its goal of becoming the leading platform for creatives that monetize their designs. We believe Kittl will pull teams of graphic designers forward into the AI age, helping them design, collaborate, and serve their clients in ways that were never before possible. Check out the product at!

Kittl is hiring engineers, product managers, and sales leaders in Berlin and London.