The market-leading hiring platform for small and medium sized businesses

Why We Believe

While the recruiting industry began its transition from offline to online almost as soon as the Internet was commercialized, the market is large and small- and medium-sized businesses have remained largely underserved—until now. ZipRecruiter’s pioneering B2B suite of hiring products and subscription plans deliver a better way to recruit and hire for companies of all sizes, including the SMB segment that makes up roughly half of the US workforce. Fast and easy to use, the successful HR hiring platform helps employers distribute and manage job postings across the web.

By providing an efficient and flexible subscription product, ZipRecruiter makes job distribution and candidate management simple for companies that may otherwise find enterprise-class software cumbersome and expensive. Meanwhile, candidates benefit from ZipRecruiter’s proprietary matching technology, which greatly simplifies and expedites the process of finding a new job.

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“At ZipRecruiter, my 3 co-founders and I bootstrapped ourselves to tens of millions in revenue. So for us, bringing in an outside investor was like bringing on a fifth partner. We chose IVP to be our first lead investor in a highly competitive process because of their belief in our mission, incredible transparency, and commitment to their companies’ success. They have been trusted partners ever since and we’ve been thrilled to have them on board.”

Ian Siegel, CEO & Co-Founder of ZipRecruiter