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Why We Believe

The rising tuition costs of higher education are leaving graduates under crushing debt loads—student debt in the United States has surpassed credit card debt as the largest source of consumer debt excluding mortgages. To make matters worse, these debt-ridden graduates are often denied attractive credit from traditional financial institutions because of the firms’ strict adherence to lending policies defined by outdated risk models.

SoFi is revolutionizing consumer lending for recent graduates. By providing an alternative risk model based on merit, employee history and other factors, the fintech company is able to save graduates with high credit potential an average of $12,000 by refinancing their existing loans. Members often come to SoFi seeking student loan help, but gain access to an entire platform of products, from mortgages to personal loans, so they can pursue whatever matters most to them, whether that’s a wedding, home ownership or something else entirely. We’re proud to accompany SoFi on their journey to becoming the de facto standard for credit and wealth management for early career professionals.

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