Every day, billions of people start their workdays the same way: confronting a blinking cursor on a blank page. Written and visual communication are crucial business skills, but many professionals find them to be the most challenging part of their jobs and among the most difficult to master.

What if there were a way to turn this around, to make writing and image creation the easiest and most rewarding part of the modern work experience?

There is – it’s called Jasper, a next-generation communications platform that uses artificial intelligence to write nearly any piece of content or create any piece of original art imaginable. Since its launch in January 2021, Jasper has earned a passionate following among people who have saved countless hours creating and formatting written and visual content on thousands of subjects. That kind of broad and deep-rooted customer enthusiasm is among the reasons why IVP is participating in Jasper’s $125 million Series A financing.

Next-Level Artificial Intelligence

Jasper makes generative artificial intelligence accessible to businesses and individual creators, enabling them to break through writer’s block, create original art, and repackage content for format, language and tone.

For writers, Jasper can be a game changer. In minutes, Jasper can write a 1,500-word blog post, emails for a targeted marketing campaign or multiple scroll-stopping headlines for an ecommerce store’s Instagram ads. To prompt Jasper, users type a few lines of context and select their desired tone (e.g. professional, casual, witty, dramatic). Jasper then generates specific, effective copy in different formats to choose from.

Jasper’s product includes more than 50 customized templates, hundreds of community-created recipes and multi-player collaboration features to enable users to create high-ranking SEO content, boost ad conversions and write in non-native languages (Jasper works, to date, in more than 25).

With its new Chrome browser extension, Jasper allows users to take generative AI with them across the full range of websites and content platforms they use. The browser extension gives content creators the power, using a single click or keystroke, to call up contextual recommendations for original content wherever they need them.

Passionate User Community

Customers love Jasper because it saves time, money and hours of writing and rewriting. Many people come to regard Jasper as their personal assistant – something we’ve rarely heard in our experience investing in software. Jasper is the rare productivity tool that generates the kind of loyalty among customers that we’ve seen only for the most iconic consumer platforms in our portfolio.

Rapid Growth

Jasper is one of the fastest growing software applications we’ve ever encountered. The company hit on explosive product-market fit almost immediately after launch and has accrued more than 70,000 paying customers. Co-founder and CEO Dave Rogenmoser has built Jasper’s large and loyal user base organically, through his unrelenting focus on customer satisfaction. When we flew to Austin to meet him, we came to see that Jasper has undeniable market momentum and is just getting started.

What’s Next?

IVP has a long record of investing in some of the most iconic communication and productivity platforms, including Slack, Dropbox, Grammarly, Figma and Superhuman. We believe Jasper is among the next wave of AI-assisted platforms that will transform how people work and live. We’re excited to partner with Dave and the rest of the team to help build Jasper into a generational, category-defining company.

P.S. – Half of this blog post was generated via Jasper. Can’t tell where? That’s the point! Next time you’re sitting in front of a blank screen, give Jasper a try here.

Artificial intelligence that makes it fast and easy to create content for blogs, social media, and websites