As our world becomes more interconnected, demand for high-quality language translation has never been higher. While consumer solutions can convey the basics, legacy commercial solutions are often inefficient — requiring days or weeks of turnaround time — and can be prohibitively expensive.

We believe that’s about to change thanks to DeepL, a revolutionary AI-powered machine translation platform. DeepL instantly translates any written content — whether a short email to a friend in another country, or complex business documents like legal contracts, technical manuals, and virtually any commercial web page — accurately and effortlessly into 29 (and counting) different languages.

As anyone who’s tried to learn a second or third language knows, translating long-form text can be extremely difficult and requires expertise. That’s where the magic of DeepL comes in — the company’s proprietary machine translation technology captures even the slightest idiomatic nuances, materially outperforms other translation solutions, and is consistently rated as best-in-class by language experts and customers. Customers can access DeepL through desktop and mobile apps, a browser extension, API integration, or the DeepL website.

At IVP, we couldn’t be more excited to lead DeepL’s Series B financing. IVP has long followed AI advancements that have the potential to deliver outsized value to customers. Our investment in DeepL joins others we’ve made in companies pushing the boundaries of AI, including Datadog, UiPath, Eightfold, and Jasper.

DeepL applies best-in-class AI to a massive global market

Organizations spend $40 billion a year translating documents, typically by hiring full-time language experts or outside contractors. Less than 5% of global translation market spend today is via machine translation. We believe this creates an enormous opportunity for disruptive companies like DeepL to structurally change industry dynamics.

Headquartered in Cologne, Germany, and led by Founder and CEO Jaroslaw “Jarek” Kutylowski, DeepL enables customers to translate complex documents instantly, in a fraction of the time humans require. As one enterprise customer put it, “DeepL does 80% of our work in 20% of the time.” At the company’s core is a world-class research organization, consisting of the best talent in the category, that maintains its proprietary neural network models.

Customers love DeepL

DeepL’s unique technical approach creates the delight that came through so clearly in our discussions with the company’s customers. DeepL has hundreds of thousands of users around the world — from consumers to prosumers to multinational organizations — virtually all of whom discovered the platform via word-of-mouth or through organic adoption.

Looking ahead, the company is committed to doing even more for its customers, and plans to launch new language pairs as it builds a true AI communications platform. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Jarek and the DeepL team on their mission to bring the world closer together.

But don’t take our word for it. The next time you need language translation, give DeepL a try here. Wenn Sie das nächste Mal eine Sprachübersetzung brauchen, probieren Sie DeepL hier aus. 今度、言語翻訳を必要とするときは、ここでDeepLを試してみてください。La prochaine fois que vous aurez besoin d’une traduction, essayez DeepL. La próxima vez que necesite traducir un idioma, pruebe DeepL.

An AI communications company that breaks down language barriers across the globe