Building a hit product that customers love is the first step in many founders’ journeys. However, accelerating momentum and supercharging growth to new heights requires the partnership of a product leader. IVP gathered the chief product officers charged with scaling products at Rubrik, Grammarly, Slack, at SaaStr Annual to share their playbook for growing a product organization to innovate on products touched by consumers and enterprises around the world.

Here is the framework Rubrik CPO Anneka Gupta, Grammarly CPO Noam Lovinsky and IVP’s Tamar Yehoshua, the former CPO at Slack, discussed onstage, which you can watch in full on YouTube.

  1. Invest in building trust with founders/CEOs

  2. Create a strategy that solves your customer's problem

  3. Relentlessly prioritize product innovation resources

  4. Balance existing roadmap and customer needs with transformational technology (AI)

  5. Communicate clearly - especially in times of dynamic change

Tune in for insights on when to hire your first CPO (and when to hold off), how to set the best metrics to truly solve your customers’ problems and ways to embed AI into your product roadmap without blowing up your plans.

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