In 2009, Apple debuted the slogan, “There’s an app for that.” Today, it would be more accurate to say, “There are many apps for that.” It’s no longer enough to build something functional. Great products are now defined as those with great design — from user interface and experience, to graphics and aesthetics.

IVP is honored to be part of Figma's latest fundraise. Nearly a decade ago, Figma’s co-founders Dylan Field and Evan Wallace started a journey to bring creative tools online by leveraging WebGL, transforming the single-player, offline world of design into one that would embrace real-time collaboration and community. It was a bold and audacious bet, and today, Figma is the end-to-end leader in design.

We’ve been blown away by Figma’s ability to ship exciting new products and features that make the design process more collaborative, streamlined, and fun. Figma is perhaps best known for its graphics and prototyping tools that have come to define interface design, but is rapidly becoming so much more. With the launch of its online whiteboarding tool FigJam in April, Figma now enables teams to brainstorm together in real-time, supercharging the entire design process from ideation to execution. With Figma Community, which launched into general availability earlier this year, designers can publish their work for others to explore and remix, making it easier for users to inspire and learn from one another. Other products and features now in beta, like Figma’s mobile app and branching workflow, and upcoming tools like audio in Figma, have equally transformative potential. We can’t wait to see what they announce next!

At IVP, we’ve spoken to dozens of design leaders over the last several years about their experience using Figma. These conversations have made one thing clear: customer love for Figma’s products is unparalleled. Users uniformly praise the ways in which Figma fosters a transparent, community-driven, and open-sourced design process. The company’s enviable customer satisfaction and loyalty underscores how truly unique and special their platform is.

At Config 2021, Figma’s user conference earlier this year, Dylan described design as “music, not monologue…an ensemble, not a solo act.” At IVP, we feel the same way about company building. We look forward to partnering with the exceptional team at Figma as they continue their hypergrowth journey because, much like design, the best companies are built through a process of collaboration.

Figma is hiring across virtually every function and organization, so if you’re looking to join a passionate team pioneering the future of design, click here to check out open roles.

Ajay Vashee, Parsa Saljoughian, Jason Kong, and Becca Faust are Investors at IVP, a later-stage venture capital firm.

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