Active Obsession

Competitive tennis

Hype Song

“Whatever It Takes” by Imagine Dragons

Little-Known Fact

I placed top 10 in the world for the Olympic Distance Triathlon—all while working full time as a CFO!

Past Habitats

United States and France

First Gig

Working the concession stand at a local movie theater

Both my life and career have been guided by an athlete’s mentality. As an elite athlete, I’ve learned to value perseverance and team spirit. These same qualities have guided my career in finance, from my early days working in public accounting to my roles overseeing finance teams at private equity and venture capital firms.

I joined IVP for two reasons: the team’s hardcore dedication and the chance to build out a bigger, sophisticated finance organization. Today, I think about my role leading IVP’s finance team similarly to the way a coach might think about guiding her players to victory. Each person’s contribution is vital to achieve the team’s objectives.