Activities & Interests

Woodworking, DIY renovations, crafting

Favorite Meal

Dessert (I’m a glutton for all things s’more-adjacent!)

Words I Live By

“There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.”
—Zig Ziglar

Feel-Good Anthem

Anything by Taylor Swift (particularly the Folklore era)

My Other Dream Job

Running a hyper-local farm-stay experience

I learned the power of investing at age 11, when I was gifted a share of Wrigley stock, which came with a free pack of gum every year—a dividend I could chew on! I was hooked. I held that stock through Wrigley’s acquisition by Mars in 2008, and though I didn’t realize it at the time, that was also my first brush with investor relations.

In the years since, I’ve developed a love for partnering with our investor community. Though we don’t give out annual packs of gum, our goal is the same—to share market insights and generate returns that flow back into the economy to secure generational opportunities.

Doing that work with the team at IVP makes it all the more rewarding. Right off the bat, the kindness and approachability I encountered set IVP head and shoulders above other firms. After over a decade here, my initial instinct that this would be the ideal place for both professional development and impact has been reaffirmed again and again.