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Davey Nickels

SVP & Head of Talent

Looking to power breakthrough companies with breakthrough talent

About Davey

People and relationships matter most to me. That’s why I work in people functions, and why I love focusing on talent specifically. The sheer breadth of strategic, operational, and human impact means we have boundless opportunity to help. From my startup experience at Robinhood to my time in big tech at Google, I’ve seen how intentionally built teams and cultures accelerate high-performing organizations.

In venture, the opportunity to drive impact through talent expands from helping one company to helping many of today’s most promising technology companies. Whether I’m working with a CEO to find the best-fit board member or collaborating with a Chief People Officer to optimize their compensation philosophy, I’m energized by connecting the right people with the right opportunities and solutions to maximize a company’s odds of success.

Entrepreneurs fuel my passion day in and day out, and my goal is to bring value and energy to help clear the path to realizing their potential. Hearing their stories, watching them grow, and cheering them on throughout their journey gives me a driving sense of purpose.

Go-To Recipe

Marcella Hazan’s Tomato Sauce couldn’t be easier, and it tastes like someone spent hours on it!

Activities & Interests

Travel, reading fantasy and sci-fi, hiking, biking

Daily Practice

Every morning I write a fresh list of priorities, which helps me build momentum on things that matter most.

Pro Tip

When problem-solving, take time to critically define the problem and success before you seek a solution.