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Cynthia Lai


Investing in products that redefine how we live everyday

About Cynthia

I first began working with founders through my background in consulting and finance. Right off the bat, I was inspired by their diverse backgrounds, tenacity, and ability to think outside the box. I found myself eager to collaborate on a deeper level with the people who are actively shaping the future of technology, and venture investing seemed like the next logical step.

The best part of my current role is that I learn something new every day. Founders have a truly inspiring amount of insight and information about the fields they're working in. It’s my goal and privilege to support them through my network and business insight, so that they can focus on their customers, product, and big-picture vision.

Hype Song

‘AOK’ by Tai Verdes

Active Obsession

Pilates & yoga

Words I Live By

Focus on what you can control

Go-to Recipe

My mom’s spin on fried rice (bok choy, chinese sausage, and rice cooked in the steamer at the same time).

First job

At age 11, I joined the Australian ballet as a guest junior ballerina. It was an experience that instilled lots of important values that I still live by today, including collaboration, discipline, and creativity.