BreakLine Education and IVP Team Up to Advance High Performing Talent in High Growth Companies

We are thrilled to announce a first-of-its-kind partnership between BreakLine Education, an organization that prepares top performers from traditionally excluded backgrounds for careers in tech, and IVP.

We are teaming up to enable outstanding folks from all walks of life to join some of the most exciting companies in the world. 

IVP will start by funding an initial 10 BreakLine hires across the portfolio with the full expectation that more will follow. The promise of our work together is already evident. Many BreakLiners have joined IVP portfolio companies, including HashiCorp, Dataminr, Skydio, and Datadog.

The IVP team is making a strategic commitment: tech companies are competing for employees in one of the tightest labor markets of the last 50 years. Tapping into a new pipeline of top talent is key to continue building outstanding teams.

“Enabling portfolio companies to recruit the highest-performing people in the world is one of the mission-critical tools we have to help them win,” said Saydeah Howard, Chief Talent Officer of IVP.

Further, a robust body of research demonstrates that diverse teams drive faster-growth, higher-profitability, more innovation, greater engagement, and many other benefits above and beyond what their homogenous counterparts produce.

Over the last 6 years, the BreakLine community has proven through the success of our 1500 alumni and 100+ partners that hiring managers and recruiters can be discerning, competitive, and rigorous, while hiring peak performers from an array of backgrounds.

IVP is stepping up to supercharge these outcomes. Saydeah said, “We are committed to finding, evaluating, and hiring extraordinary teammates. This is talent arbitrage, an investment that will drive high return. And we are thrilled to reap the benefits of a first-mover advantage within venture capital.”

To hear more about Saydeah’s perspective on team-building, leadership in distributed environments, and the role that intentionality plays in recruiting and retaining folks who redefine what top performance looks like, listen to her interview with Bethany on the BreakLine Arena podcast.