IVP Enterprise AI 55

AI has set the tech world on fire. At IVP, we’ve carefully monitored its advance over years, tested almost every AI product, talked with hundreds of AI founders, and invested in some of the leading AI companies. And yet even from our vantage point, the pace and scope of AI development now is nothing short of astounding.

That said, most of the fastest growing AI-native products to date, by user scale and revenue, are prosumer or consumer in nature. Remember the first viral successes in the early Internet and mobile eras? Similar to those platform shifts, AI has quickly transformed consumer technology and is gradually making its way upmarket. What’s critical for Enterprise adoption of AI – think security, privacy, data governance and multiplayer capabilities – is still in nascent stages. So, too, is Enterprise AI strategy. How should large organizations think about and implement AI into their operations?

Introducing the IVP Enterprise AI 55
We created the IVP Enterprise AI 55, a collection of best-in-class AI companies sourced by operators for operators, to answer that question. Our list represents companies with considerable momentum and those that are capable of category leadership.

How we built our list
The Enterprise AI 55 represents an ocean of unique data and (human) intelligence, comprising hundreds of meetings with AI-native companies, conversations with management teams across our portfolio and guidance from and collaboration with our network in the Fortune 500.

To be considered for our list, companies had to meet these minimum requirements:

  • Recommended and implemented by several Enterprise C-suite executives and organizations.
  • Strong Enterprise buyer intent signals, based on our conversations and buyer network.
  • Best-in-class user or revenue growth and traction (based on external data sources, internal IVP benchmarking and word-of-mouth).
  • $5M or more raised in venture funding.
  • Based in the U.S. or Europe.

How to use this list

We segmented the list for each functional buyer in an Enterprise organization: Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Customer Officer, Chief People / L&D Officer, Chief Information Officer (Cross-Functional), Chief Product Officer, and General Counsel.

Given the transformative impact of AI, we’re confident there will be many more extraordinary companies that emerge in the coming years with Enterprise-ready solutions. We are excited to invest in and partner with this next generation of software companies – if you are building here, please reach out to us at kramakrishnan@ivp.com, ckuo@ivp.com, and tyehoshua@ivp.com.

Chief Revenue Officer


Location: San Francisco, CA
CEO: Tim Zheng
Funding Raised: $149M

B2B sales database that helps sellers find and target ideal buyers through automated outreach and prospecting workflows. Apollo AI, an AI sales assistant built on top of this database, surfaces signals and drafts personalized prospect emails and follow-up emails.


Location: Sunnyvale, CA
CEO: Andy Byrne
Funding Raised: $496M

Revenue operations platform that leverages AI and big data analytics to help sellers manage their sales pipeline, strategize on deals, and forecast revenue. RevGPT automatically summarizes calls and suggests follow-up actions for Reps and Ops teams.


Location: Palo Alto, CA
CEO: Leena Joshi
Funding Raised: $25M

ML-enabled sales automation platform providing automated research assistance for top-of-funnel GTM. Leverages ML to generate insights from public data and curate recommendations based on customers’ ICP and playbooks.


Location: San Francisco, CA
CEO: Amit Bendov
Funding Raised: $583M

Revenue intelligence platform that captures customers interactions and delivers data-driven insights for sales reps. Gong Engage provides reps with a unified view of accounts and uses AI to identify deals that should be prioritized and to generate personalized outreach.


Location: New York, NY
CEO: William Ballance
Funding Raised: $13M

Sales email assistant that helps SDRS, AEs, and managers increase positive reply rates through enhanced, personalized emails. Draws from data from millions of emails and provides suggestions on emails’ tone, length, subject line, etc.


Location: Mountain View, CA
CEO: Anselme Levan
Funding Raised: $28M

Revenue platform that connects to a company’s tech stack to build a predictive data-powered revenue model that scores leads and accounts. Allows teams to easily build and maintain models that pull from product, marketing, and sales data to identify the right leads


Location: San Francisco, CA
CEO: Jaleh Rezaei
Funding Raised: $73M

No-code web personalization platform that helps marketers convert top-of-funnel demand into revenue through personalized web journeys. Mutiny’s data integrations identify site visitor by industry, company size, funnel stage, etc. while AI surfaces audience segments and corresponding playbooks


Location: New York, NY
CEO: Sebastian Jimenez
Funding Raised: $5M

Speech analytics software for field sales teams. Rilla records conversations between sales reps and customers and uses AI to provide insights on how to improve sales practices to increase managers’ coaching efficiency.


Location: San Francisco, CA
CEO: Rishen Kapoor
Funding Raised: $18M

Lead scoring platform with a behavioral AI engine that combines first-party data from a customer’s product analytics, CRM, and billing with third-party enrichment data to identify the right accounts to target. Toplyne surfaces buyer intent signals and helps teams generate sales pipeline from their self-serve funnel.

What we're hearing...

"For our industry, average MQL to SQL conversion rates is ~6%. The [name redacted] AI product we’re using boosted our conversion rate from ~20% to 50%. These insights helped us land many more sales qualified opportunities than ever before. I championed this product and was initially met with resistance from the sales and product teams, but once we were able to show what the product did, everyone was fully onboard."
– Head of Revenue at a cloud infrastructure unicorn

Chief Marketing Officer


Location: San Francisco, CA
CEO: Andrew Mason
Funding Raised: $100M

Audio and video editing platform that provides a transcription-based editor and allows users to create video through a visual method that is as intuitive as making a slideshow. Descript’s AI features include transcription,voice cloning, and enhanced video editing capabilities.


Location: Austin, Texas
CEO: Dave Rogenmoser
Funding Raised: $141M

Brand-adherent AI writer and art generator that allows teams to quickly create marketing copy, blog posts, and images. Jasper serves as a copilot for marketing teams to collaborate on and execute end-to-end multichannel marketing campaigns with a unique brand voice.


Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
CEO: Zohar Bronfman
Funding Raised: $118M

Predictive analytics platform that generates customer-level, actionable predictions to inform marketing decisions. Pecan prepares a company’s raw data for predictive models with automatically engineered features tailored around the company’s key metrics.

Runway ML

Location: New York, NY
CEO: Cristóbal Valenzuela
Funding Raised: $238M

AI-powered collaborative content creation platform that combines machine learning technology and computer graphics to provide AI Magic Tools for image and video. These AI tools include Text to Image, Image to Image (modify image style with text, Infinite Image (expand images) Text to Video, and Video to Video (change style of video with text or images).


Location: San Francisco, CA
CEO: Keith Peiris
Funding Raised: $81M

AI-powered storytelling tool that enables prompt-generated presentations, outlines, and stories. Tome allows users to generate presentations through text prompts and transform any doc, brief, or website into a live, interactive presentation with embedded product mocks, 3D prototypes, data, and web pages.

Triple Whale

Location: Columbus, Ohio
CEO: AJ Orbach
Funding Raised: $51M

ML-enhanced data platform that helps ecommerce businesses automate analytics, attribution, and forecasting through a unified dashboard. Triple Whale’s Pixel Attribution compares spend, revenue, and ROAs across all of a business’s channels to drive better decisions on marketing spend.


Location: London, England
CEO: Sabba Keynejad
Funding Raised: $35M

Browser-based video editor that allows users to quickly and easily create, edit, and enhance short-form videos with a rich library of templates. VEED’s AI-powered features include auto subtitles & translations and auto background noise removal.

"The [name redacted] AI marketing product we’re using has allowed my editorial and marketing team to produce 2x more content. It easily saves me at least 5 hours / month of my personal time. The ROI is a no-brainer."
– Founder & President of a multimillion-dollar specialized marketing agency

Chief Financial Officer


Location: San Francisco, CA
CEO: Kevin Liu
Funding Raised: $35M

Billing infrastructure platform that helps software companies test and launch pricing packages. Metronome’s product is designed to handle large datasets in real-time, enabling accurate and scalable billing for Enterprise AI companies.

Location: Palo Alto, CA
CEO: Ariel Cohen
Funding Raised: $2B

Corporate travel management and payments platform that helps companies save time and money while increasing visibility into spend. Navan’s virtual assistant, Ava, is a personal data analyst that helps break down spend data, offer T&E insights, and find cost saving opportunities.


Location: Oakland, CA
CEO: Matthew Tillman
Funding Raised: $22M

Accounts payable automation platform that offers AI-powereed invoice auditing to help companies reduce costs and improve cash flow. OpenEnvoy leverages AI to digitize invoices and reduce billing errors and shorten approval processes.


Location: Paris, France
CEO: Éléonore Crespo
Funding Raised: $270M

Enterprise-grade financial planning and analysis platform that provides a unified view of financial data and provides dynamic reports and forecasts. Pigment syncs a company’s data sources and creates dynamic models that evolve as a company grows, while allowing teams to run what-if scenarios to inform their decision-making.


Location: New York, NY
CEO: Alexander Hagerup
Funding Raised: $115M

Accounting software platform that heps automate invoice processing, approval workflows, and electronic payment processing. Vic.ai’s autonomous invoice processing system was trained on more than half a billion invoices.

Chief Customer Officer


Location: Toronto, Canada
CEO: Mike Murchison
Funding Raised: $190M

Chatbot platform for customer service that helps drive automated resolutions with less need for agent intervention, helping businesses decrease ticket backlog and scale personalized customer service without increasing headcount. Ada’s resolution engine extracts relevant customer and conversation details from different channels and uses AI to understand customer intent and take appropriate action.


Location: Palo Alto, CA
CEO: Ping Wu
Funding Raised: $157M

Customer experience platform that equips agents with AI-powered coaching and assistance and automates repetitive conversations through chatbots. Cresta’s contact center Platform takes customer interactions and translates them into strategic insights, including trends on customer buying behavior and areas of improvement.


Location: Sydney, Australia
CEO: Benjamin Humphrey
Funding Raised: $57M

Customer research, feedback, and insights hub that supercharges user research and product teams. Dovetail’s AI features include data summarization and automated tagging and theme clustering.


Location: San Francisco, CA
CEO: Eoghan McCabe
Funding Raised: $239M

AI-powered chatbots and automation tools, with various options for Enterprises to customize workflows and UI / UX. Fin, which Intercom released in March 2023, is an AI customer service bot built with GPT-4 that ingests customers’ existing support content and can resolve up to 50% of user queries automatically. .


Location: Palo Alto, CA
CEO: Kesava Dinakaran
Funding Raised: $25M

AI automation platform that eliminates manual work for customer support teams. Luminai’s product enables workflow automation across different tasks and software interfaces without requiring engineering resources.


Location: London, England
CEO: Nikola Mrkšić
Funding Raised: $112M

Conversational AI platform for automated customer service that enables developers to design human-like interactions with customers to reduce customer wait times and improve resolution rates. PolyAI works with businesses to create custom, brand-specific voice assistants.


Location: Palo Alto, CA
CEO: Maxim Serebryakov
Funding Raised: $51M

Real-time accent matching platform that helps users reduce language barriers in communication. Sanas’ phoneme-based model is language agnostic, allowing users like customer service reps to speak in any accent they would like, helping increase resolution rates and agent retention.

Ultimate AI

Location: Berlin, Germany
CEO: Reetu Kainulainen
Funding Raised: $40M

Customer support platform that can automate up to 60% of inquiries with AI. UltimateGPT is an LLM-powered bot that plugs directly into a company's help center to build a bot in minutes.

"The [name redacted] AI customer support platform we’re using now solves 16% of all tickets and processes 48% of all tickets, 2 quarters in."
– from the Board room of a software company with nearly half a million subscribers

Chief People / L&D Officer


Location: Santa Clara, CA
CEO: Ashutosh Garg
Funding Raised: $397M

Talent acquisition and recruiting platform that helps companies hire new talent and develop existing talent. Eightfold harnesses the data of 1B+ career trajectories and 1M+ skills worldwide and through its new Intelligence Experience, uses AI to to deliver explanation-backed insights throughout the candidate sourcing, hiring, and employee lifecycle.

Leena AI

Location: New York, NY
CEO: Adit Jain
Funding Raised: $40M

Employee experience AI assistant that saves HR teams and company helpdesks massive amounts of time. Leena AI’s product is useful for employee onboarding, HR service delivery, and ongoing employee engagement.

Sana Labs

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
CEO: Joel Hellermark
Funding Raised: $83M

Personalized learning platform that helps businesses create company and role-specific training sessions, quizzes & and polls, catered learning paths, reviews, etc. for their employees. Sana AI is trained on a company’s knowledge base of apps and allows users to search and ask questions about topics like company meetings, org, and business metrics.


Location: San Francisco, CA
CEO: Jennifer Smith
Funding Raised: $38M

Documentation and interactive walkthrough capture software that eliminates repetitive work and increases efficiency across an organization. Scribe is often used for internal employee knowledge management and onboarding, but also has external and customer-facing use cases as well.


Location: London, England
CEO: Victor Riparbelli
Funding Raised: $156M

Web-based AI video creation platform that enables users to generate and edit videos in minutes, centered around a library of diverse AI avatars or custom avatars. Synthesia’s generative AI-powered avatars allow users to create engaging instructional content across L&D, training & compliance, sales enablement, and other use cases.

"The [name redacted] AI L&D platform we’re using enabled us to overhaul our internal e-learning platform for our employees and helped us create consistency across our global workforce. With this product, we have 100x more resources at the same cost of how we were doing things before. Our people have been quite impressed, and the user learning curve for the product is really fast."
– Chief Information Officer at Top 5 BPO

Chief Information Officer (Cross-Functional)


Location: San Francisco, CA
CEO: Shishir Mehrotra
Funding Raised: $285M

Interactive documents platform that helps teams supercharge productivity through customizable workflow building blocks. Coda AI provides a working assistant to enhance the user experience in their core apps, across content and template generation, content summarization, and action item creation.


Location: Cologne, Germany
CEO: Jarek Kutylowski
Funding Raised: Undisclosed

AI-powered machine translation platform that instantly translates written content accurately into different languages. DeepL’s proprietary machine learning technology enables customers to translate complex documents instantly, in a fraction of the time humans require.


Location: San Francisco, CA
CEO: Krishna Ramineni
Funding Raised: $19M

Enterprise knowledge base platform that helps teams unlock knowledge from meetings & conversations. Fireflies’ AI executive assistant automatically transcribes and summarizes phone calls and meetings, enabling users to extract critical discussion points and derive insights in the context of systems where they already do their work.


Location: Palo Alto, CA
CEO: Arvind Jain
Funding Raised: $156M

AI-powered workplace search engine that helps users find the data they need across all of a company’s apps. Glean’s vector search is powered by deep learning-based LLMs and is trained on company-specific data, enabling semantic understanding for users’ natural language queries.


Location: San Francisco, CA
CEO: Rahul Roy-Chowdhury
Funding Raised: $400M

AI-powered writing assistant that provides writing suggestions across desktop applications and sites, including emails & messages, documents & projects, and social media. GrammarlyGo, Grammarly’s on-demand, contextually aware assistant, is powered by a combination of machine learning and a variety of natural language processing approaches.


Location: New York, NY
CEO: George Sivulka
Funding Raised: $28M

LLM-powered search engine that indexes company data to answer complex questions. Hebbia is able to read all file types and connects to private data in addition to built-in sources like SEC Filings, earnings transcripts, and expert calls, supporting users in financial due diligence, market research, and broader knowledge management.


Location: Mountain View, CA
CEO: Bhavin Shah
Funding Raised: $308M

Enterprise copilot that integrates with a company’s business systems to automate workflows across IT issues, HR requests, enterprise search, employee communications, and custom use cases. Moveworks incorporates secure training data from support tickets, bot conversations, and enterprise resources to train LLMs like GPT-4, BERT, and RoBERTa.


Location: San Francisco, CA
CEO: Ivan Zhao
Funding Raised: $343M

Online work collaboration platform that helps teams create and organize their workflows around task and project management. Notion AI helps automate tedious tasks like notes summarization, takeaways and action items surfacing, and communications generation.


Location: Mountain View, CA
CEO: Sam Liang
Funding Raised: $63M

Team collaboration platform for meetings and conversations that enables real-time automated notes and audio transcription. Otter allows users to search for data within meeting notes and collaborate with teammates in meeting live transcripts through comments, highlights, and assigned action items.

Chief Product Officer


Location: San Francisco, CA
CEO: Scott Stephenson
Funding Raised: $103M

Automated speech recognition platform that helps power a company’s apps with speech and domain-specifc LLMs. Deepgram enables speech-to-text transcription and conversational audio understanding across specific use cases like conversational AI, phone calls, video, and meetings.


Location: London, England
CEO: Mati Staniszewski
Funding Raised: $20M
AI-powered synthetic speech product that turns text into speech using synthetic or cloned voices across various languages. ElevenLabs’ text-to-speech models allow business customers to fine-tune and build their own proprietary speech models.


Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
CEO: Koen Bok
Funding Raised: $36M

Design software that helps businesses build interactive prototypes across web, desktop, and mobile on a freeform canvas. Framer leverages AI to enable zero-code generation of website prototypes through text prompting and an suite of intuitive editing tools.

Hume AI

Location: New York, NY
CEO: Alan Cowen
Funding Raised: $22M

AI toolkit that helps understand and analyze emotional expression captured in text, audio, videos, or images with one line of code for any input. Hume’s models includespeech prosody, vocal call types, expressive language, facial expression, and vocal expression.

Inworld AI

Location: Mountain View, CA
CEO: Ilya Gelfenbeyn
Funding Raised: $83M

High fidelity AI character / NPC development platform. Inworld AI enables Enterprise customers in gaming, entertainment, and other verticals to create more immersive digital experiences for their users.

Ready Player Me

Location: Tallinn, Estonia
CEO: Timmu Toke
Funding Raised: $77M

AI avatar creation platform. Enterprise entertainment and retail customers leverage Ready Player Me’s technology to enable their users to create high quality, personalizable avatars that can be ported across thousands of different games.


Location: San Francisco, CA
CEO: Braden Ream
Funding Raised: $25M

Development platform that helps developers design, test, and launch AI chat or voice assistants through a drag-and-drop interface, rapid prototypiong, and pre-built code. Voiceflow’s GPT-powered AI Builder provides an enterprise playground with guardrails for teams to experiment with LLMs, try prompt chaining, and generate instant assistants.

WellSaid Labs

Location: Seattle, Washington
CEO: Matt Hocking
Funding Raised: $12M

AI voice and text-to-speech product for content creation. WellSaid Labs offers a range of preset voice avatars and also enables Enterprises to create custom avatars for their brand and distribution strategy.

General Counsel


Location: San Francisco, CA
CEO: Gabriel Pereyra
Funding Raised: $26M

Custom LLMs that assist lawyers in their core daily workflows via a natural language interface. Harvey leverages LLMs trained on general internet data, general legal data, and a law firm’s own data, including historical work product and templates, to help lawyers with due diligence, contract analysis, and litigation.


Location: San Francisco, CA
CEO: Jason Boehmig
Funding Raised: $332M

Contract lifecycle management platform for legal and business teams. Ironclad’s recently launched AI Assist features enable users to automatically draft and negotiate contracts and extract contract data using OCR.


Location: Seattle, Washington
CEO: Gaurav Oberoi
Funding Raised: $36M

AI-powered contract management platform that helps legal teams accelerate sales, procurement, legal, HR, and security review processes. Lexion’s AI Contract Assist feature is a plugin that helps automatically draft, negotiate, and summarize contract terms efficiently.


Location: New York, NY
CEO: Gary Sangha
Funding Raised: $22M

Contract acceleration and intelligence platform that helps companies and law firms review contracts more quickly. LexCheck’s AI-powered contract review software identifies deviations from a user’s preferred position, flags ambiguities, and automates markups to optimize the contract lifecycle.

Note: Company location data from LinkedIn and company fundraising data from PitchBook as of July 3, 2023.

Meet The Contributors

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