Active Obsessions

Running and boxing

Coveted Collection

A mix of Nike Kobes, Jordans, retro waffle trainers, and Puma Future Riders

Source of Adrenaline

Driving cars on tracks (Face that fear, and it will empower you!)

Words I Live By

“We don't quit, we don't cower, we don't run. We endure and conquer.”
—Kobe Bryant

My Other Dream Job

Professional Basketball Player

My career path has been all about keeping an open mind. After starting out as a programmer, I explored a variety of tech roles, building my expertise in cyber-security and CRM applications. From healthcare equity to clinical research to the world’s largest brewing company, my path to venture has taught me to eschew assumptions, seize opportunities and commit fully.

What makes my job, and working in tech as a whole, meaningful is helping others. Maybe it’s as small as choosing the right software to curtail cyber threats, or maybe it’s as big as a complete system overhaul that will make everyday processes easier for my colleagues. Whatever the call, I get to join forces with others and leverage my skill set to solve problems of all sizes day in and day out.