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Jared Rosner


Looking to build partnerships that yield more than the sum of their parts

About Jared

I got my first taste of venture at Bain & Company, where I conducted due diligence for venture funds. I enjoyed the work, but I kept hearing that the real fun was meeting and supporting forward-leaning entrepreneurs. Now that I’m doing just that at IVP, I feel lucky to be at a place with both a standout portfolio and team—people who approach potential with a “why not?” kind of attitude.

I’m driven by the intellectual challenge of trying to isolate and understand individual variables and how they interrelate in complex systems. It can be difficult to parse all the moving pieces of nuanced value chains like those in fintech and health care, but therein lies the thrill. I’m particularly inspired by companies that aim to solve market inefficiencies in a novel way, led by founders with a gleam in the eye and a fire in the belly.

Active Obsession

Hiking awe-inspiring settings

Go-To Recipe

Lentil Soup

Note to Self

You receive the energy you put into the world.

Required Reading

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, by Philip K. Dick

First Gig

Snow-shoveling driveways (I can feel the back pain just thinking about it!)