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Army Tunjaicon

Senior Associate

Looking for companies innovating to build a brighter future

About Army

One thing that I’ve learned in life is that most things boil down to risk and reward. When I moved from Thailand to the United States at age 15, I knew very little English. Determined to improve on my weakness before leaving Thailand, I went to my hometown’s tourist-heavy center and started introducing myself to people, offering to give free tours so that I could practice my English. Putting myself out there served me well then, and it continues to serve me well today.

Entrepreneurs are on a journey to drive change and create lasting impact, which means their days are filled with unknowns. As an investor, I draw on my training in data science and mathematics to help companies calculate risk, assessing factors that are proven, informed or speculative and offering a big picture view of how it all adds up. Where should we focus our attention at this exact moment to make the biggest impact? Which functions must be strengthened to ensure success?

My experience in computer science and software engineering powers my ability to communicate with tech founders in their language, enabling a deeper understanding of the products they’ve built. It also deepens my appreciation for possibilities their products enable. It’s impossible not to be inspired when you’re working alongside founders; their innovation makes clear that the world of tomorrow will be better than the world of today. Risk and reward.

Active Obsession


Note to Self

You can learn something from everyone you meet.

Weekend SME

Board games, specifically Catan

Favorite Food

Anything super spicy!

My Other Dream Job

Professional Poker Player