Working with IVP

Although each company is unique, CEOs consistently say that IVP provides them with trusted insight and assistance. We work hard to become reliable, value-added partners for each of our portfolio companies.

Quentin Gallivan
President & CEO
Aster Data
"IVP provided valuable guidance to the Aster team and actively helped us recruit executive talent and new customers. I was always able to rely on them for consistent and thoughtful support."
Michael Lazerow
Buddy Media
"We decided to do a deal with IVP at a valuation that was about 10% less than the other term sheets' average. Going with a firm that has a track record of helping to build winning businesses improves your chance of winning as an entrepreneur. I have found that winners invest in winners and losers invest in losers. The difference between the best firms, like IVP, and the decent firms is enormous and demonstrable."
Jake Winebaum
"IVP was instrumental in helping us complete a complicated capital restructuring. They understood what the company needed and why, and then helped make it happen. Following the successful completion of the round, the firm has offered insight and support at the board level, while bringing the company clients and partners to help grow the business."
Fred Durham
"In a valley full of flavor-of-the-month change, IVP has held a refreshingly steady view focused on building long-term value. They provide a high signal-to-noise ratio, and one of their introductions turned into a very successful acquisition."
David Friend
"IVP is a highly-regarded later-stage investor known for picking winners. We were delighted that IVP decided to purchase Carbonite shares in the secondary market, and we welcome them as Carbonite shareholders."
David Stamm
Founder & Chairman
"IVP has provided fabulous business counsel and advice and continued to add value to Clarify long past the IPO, helping us build a great Silicon Valley company. IVP has always been ahead of the latest market trends."
Magid Abraham
President, CEO & Founder
comScore Networks
"IVP has been a valuable investor who has provided steady support to our company in good times and bad. The IVP partners are extremely insightful, strategic and highly committed to our long-term success. I would recommend IVP to any entrepreneur seeking a top caliber investor."
Steve Singh
Chairman & CEO
Concur Technologies
"IVP made a huge difference, as they assisted us with the growth of our company. They provided expansion capital while we were a private company, and they provided expert advice and counsel for many years after we became a public company. Their support has been invaluable."
Hank Nothhaft
"As the CEO of Danger, I really enjoyed working with IVP. They were consistently supportive of the management and the company, and they could always be counted upon."
Jim Travers
Chairman & CEO
"IVP knew our industry well, given its previous investments. It is great to have the IVP team on our Board - their experience in helping build great growth companies, both organically and through rolling up acquisitions, is very valuable."
Brian Sharples
Chairman & CEO
"When we raised our $160 million Series C, we had many firms competing to lead the round. We selected IVP because they had great domain expertise and a very efficient investment process. IVP has been incredibly helpful on the board, and they're one of our most valuable investment partners."
Steve Hafner
"IVP proactively contacted Kayak and promised us that they would be fast and efficient in their due diligence. IVP certainly delivered on that promise. They were incredibly fast and insightful in their due diligence, and I consider them a valuable and trusted partner of Kayak."
John Suh
"IVP is a refreshingly clear choice for later-stage companies. They are nimble, personable, and insightful. They embody a true spirit around partnership you'd more commonly find in an earlier-stage investor, while bringing the sophistication and experience that comes from helping over 80 companies prepare and execute their public offerings."
Maynard Webb
"IVP has been a consistent supporter of LiveOps. The team really understands the software-as-a-service model and our value proposition."
Phil Fernandez
President & CEO
"IVP made a real effort to get to know me and Marketo and build a trusted relationship. That trust and IVP's track record of success made it a complete no-brainer to team with them when the time was right. IVP is a true class act."
Ifran Salim
President & CEO
"IVP has been instrumental in the growth our company, particularly with regard to the progress we have made in developing our brand protection services. They have been a valuable member of the board and helped us to identify and hire key members of our senior management team, including our CTO."
Mike Daniels
Mobile 365
"IVP was an investor in Mobileway and Inphomatch and they had the vision and strategic insight to recognize that we could become the global leader in mobile messaging. They were instrumental in helping us fulfill that vision at every step of the way. The partners of IVP are experienced and thoughtful investors who provide CEOs with exceptional support."
Mårten Mickos
"We looked for an investor who would share our passion for building a large and profitable business on open source principles - one who could help us get to the next stage in our evolution. IVP felt like the right partner from day one, and we have not looked back."
Reed Hastings
Chairman & CEO
"Netflix had many financing options. IVP had the courage to back a company through thick and thin. IVP anchors my crew and is the voice of calm support when the winds outside are raging."
Neil Young
"We wanted IVP as an investor due to their pre-eminent position in later- stage tech venture investing. They are the gold standard, and Sandy provided sage Board input as we both grew our business & evaluated our strategic alternatives, ultimately culminating in a successful acquisition of ngmoco by DeNA."
Mike Yavonditte
"IVP was extremely helpful to Quigo as a later-stage investor. They helped us recruit key talent and think through strategic challenges. IVP was very supportive in our M&A process that led to an acquisition by AOL."
Cotter Cunningham
"We chose IVP to lead our $150 million pre-IPO round because of the firm's strong reputation, entrepreneur-friendly style, and expertise in later-stage investing. Plus, they were great to work with, and were always extremely honest and direct. They really have been fantastic partners and have helped us with recruiting, introductions, acquisitions, and our recent IPO. IVP genuinely cares about our company and has worked tirelessly to help us succeed."
Jef Graham
Chairman & CEO
RGB Networks
"We selected IVP to lead our Series D round of financing because of their reputation and expertise in accelerating the growth of later-stage technology companies. We are pleased with the relationship and can count on their help whenever we seek advice."
Jim Olson
Skystream Networks
"IVP has been a very supportive and value-added investor over the long haul for SkyStream. I have had ready access to multiple partners who have been very helpful in the marketing area, in recruiting executive talent, and in providing sound financial and strategic advice."
Evan Spiegel
Founder & CEO
"IVP has been a terrific partner for our rapidly growing business. They made a point of getting to know us long before we needed their support and that early relationship contributed significantly to our confidence in selecting them as our lead investor for our growth round."
Scott Abel
Founder & CEO
"At Spiceworks we're pioneering a revolutionary business model - give IT management software away for free and monetize access to the community of users. In our Series C round, we had a who's who of top venture firms vying to lead the round. While they all intellectually understood what we did - only IVP truly "got it." There were no comparable models out there ... they had to take a leap of faith. And they took that leap-of-faith quickly and efficiently. That kind of vision and support has only continued since they came on board."
Stephen Waldis
Chairman, President & CEO
Synchronoss Technologies
"IVP helped us to successfully execute on our business - from building our board to assisting us in the IPO process. They have been a valuable sounding board as we think about our company's strategic direction for the future."
Jim Johnson
President & CEO
"IVP is a long-term, committed investor who was willing to invest the money, time and expertise to make us successful. They provided Tripwire with strategic insight, contacts and discipline that accelerated the growth of our business. I am pleased to work with them and would welcome the chance to do so again."
Dick Costolo
"As a lead investor in one of our earlier rounds, we have worked with IVP for several years. They have been extremely helpful on many levels, and we consider them a great investment partner."
Marc Lefar
"IVP was an early investor in Vonage and has provided strong leadership on the Board through difficult periods. They never wavered, seeing the potential that we are now realizing with a scaled, profitable business."
Howard Lerman
"We selected IVP because we found them to be very straightforward in our interactions and incredibly knowledgeable about our market and our competitors. In addition, our reference checks confirmed their reputation as roll-up-the-sleeves helpful late-stage partners. Choosing IVP over other firms has proven to be a huge accelerant for us."
Anil Arora
President & CEO
"IVP is an excellent partner with a first-rate record of backing industry-leading information technology companies. IVP's investment and strategic advice have been critical in enabling Yodlee to transform our business to take advantage of exciting new opportunities in a rapidly-changing market."
Mark Vranesh
Chief Financial Officer
"IVP saw our vision and decisively invested in Zynga when we were less than a year old. They have been a trusted partner and extremely supportive ever since."