Choosing a Venture Firm

Selecting the right later-stage venture capital and growth equity partner is one of the most important decisions an entrepreneur makes when scaling a company. We believe entrepreneurs should look for the following attributes:

Domain Experience

The markets that emerging companies typically target have become increasingly fragmented and specialized. These industries transform rapidly, creating short market windows for innovative companies and their products. In today's environment, the best investment partner is one that has a deep understanding of the relevant industry dynamics. Entrepreneurs should look for a financial partner that can offer valuable industry contacts and sound advice.

Perseverance and Support

During a company's early years, there are times when near-term obstacles appear almost insurmountable. An experienced venture capitalist appreciates the hard work involved and has the patience necessary to help management implement the right strategic plan. We are proud of our reputation as a reliable and ethical investment firm that knows how to support talented entrepreneurs.

Active Involvement

Sources of capital provide varying levels of involvement. To succeed, today's emerging companies need more than just money. Growth companies seek an active business partner with the relevant experience and network to help accelerate success. Entrepreneurs should look for a partner with the right contacts at the right companies to help accelerate the growth of their businesses.

Experience and Track Record

We believe there is no substitute for collective experience. IVP's track record of success spans more than 35 years, fifteen funds, and $5.4 billion in committed capital. We remain dedicated to a long-term vision of collaborative partnership with entrepreneurs.